Zimbabwe Harare Mission

Monday, May 22, 2006

Our Pets

This week's been great! We worked hard and had fun! This coming saturday I have my first baptism(=

Since I've arrived, we've had various pets..well, animals who just hang out with us(=
First we had a spider, we fed him grasshoppers daily, but I guess he didn't like being lazy, so he left. (probably went hunting for himself, for a change!)
Then we had a cameleon, he was fun, coz we'd put him on our arm and take him hunting! He'd shoot out his tongue, and catch flies! He got tired after a while, and decided he'd rather live outside that with us, so now he lives somewhere in out garden.

So...I wonder what pet we'll have next?(=

The work is going really well here in Malawi, in the few weeks I've been here, sacrament attendance has gone up form about 50 to about 70 people, so It's growing really fast! Our investigators class has about doubled, and I think our class consists of about a third of the branch(= We all take turns teaching, so it's really fun when it's your turn!

This is the last week for two of the missionaries here, Elder Detweiler (my comp) and Elder Ling (the zone leader). There flying back home next week! So...I'm going to be sad, but excited to see what new missionaries come into the area!

Come, come ye Saints

(= Dispite many teaching appointments falling through this week, we got soooo many referals! There are now about 10 people who we think will be baptised in the next month(= It's really exciting to see how happy and excited they are!

I'm getting to know my way around malawi better, and beginning to greet people in chachewa, which is the native language here. the little kids walk after us, chanting "amzungu", which means "white man", to which we reply, "sharp" or "zapo", and and they say the same back and stick out their thumb(=

We've been getting together as a zone quite often, about 5 times a week. We consist of 6 Americans and 2 South Africans (both me and Sister Nortje from Cape Town). Our bunch of missionaries are really good, and it's fun doing stuff together!

Food here is very different to back home, however they have a Shoprite, and it sells imported stuff from South Africa! So last week I got myself a 1kg box of All Bran Flakes! We eat a lot of mince, rice and pasta, otherwise, lots of french fries! coz they only cost about R1.5 for a plate(=

To all the elders in Kenya Nairobe Mission, Hi! To all My friends back home, hoe gaan dit? and to my friends elsewere in the world, Howdy!

Monday, May 15, 2006


Hello everyone! and welcome to my Blog!

This blog is all about my mission, the experiences I have, and things I have to share.

So for now, we'll start off with who I am:
My name is Elder Du Plessis, born in South Africa, and lived there in Cape Town for most of my life. Shortly before my 19th birthday, I received a mission call to serve a Zimbabwe Harare mission, which includes Malawi, and Zambia.
My call date was for the 6 April, so i've been out since then.

(My MTC group, with Pres. and Sis. Hill)

I went to the Johannesburg South Africa MTC for three weeks before entering the field. When entering, I spent about 2 days in Harare with Elder Pugh and Elder Feiber (spelling!) So..what's it like to hold $600 000? Thats what I was issued there with just for the 2 days(=

(8 of us who flew up from Jo'burg to serve a Zim Harare Mission)

After proselyting there for a day, I flew via Zambia to Lilongwe, then swapped planes and flew here to Blantyre, Malawi. I've been here for just over 2 weeks, and am enjoying it thoroughly! My companion is Elder Detweiler, from Idaho, good comp, but he's going home in 3 weeks!

So I'll keep updating this blog, as long as you keep reading!
...Elder Du Plessis