Zimbabwe Harare Mission

Monday, May 22, 2006

Come, come ye Saints

(= Dispite many teaching appointments falling through this week, we got soooo many referals! There are now about 10 people who we think will be baptised in the next month(= It's really exciting to see how happy and excited they are!

I'm getting to know my way around malawi better, and beginning to greet people in chachewa, which is the native language here. the little kids walk after us, chanting "amzungu", which means "white man", to which we reply, "sharp" or "zapo", and and they say the same back and stick out their thumb(=

We've been getting together as a zone quite often, about 5 times a week. We consist of 6 Americans and 2 South Africans (both me and Sister Nortje from Cape Town). Our bunch of missionaries are really good, and it's fun doing stuff together!

Food here is very different to back home, however they have a Shoprite, and it sells imported stuff from South Africa! So last week I got myself a 1kg box of All Bran Flakes! We eat a lot of mince, rice and pasta, otherwise, lots of french fries! coz they only cost about R1.5 for a plate(=

To all the elders in Kenya Nairobe Mission, Hi! To all My friends back home, hoe gaan dit? and to my friends elsewere in the world, Howdy!


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