Zimbabwe Harare Mission

Monday, May 22, 2006

Our Pets

This week's been great! We worked hard and had fun! This coming saturday I have my first baptism(=

Since I've arrived, we've had various pets..well, animals who just hang out with us(=
First we had a spider, we fed him grasshoppers daily, but I guess he didn't like being lazy, so he left. (probably went hunting for himself, for a change!)
Then we had a cameleon, he was fun, coz we'd put him on our arm and take him hunting! He'd shoot out his tongue, and catch flies! He got tired after a while, and decided he'd rather live outside that with us, so now he lives somewhere in out garden.

So...I wonder what pet we'll have next?(=

The work is going really well here in Malawi, in the few weeks I've been here, sacrament attendance has gone up form about 50 to about 70 people, so It's growing really fast! Our investigators class has about doubled, and I think our class consists of about a third of the branch(= We all take turns teaching, so it's really fun when it's your turn!

This is the last week for two of the missionaries here, Elder Detweiler (my comp) and Elder Ling (the zone leader). There flying back home next week! So...I'm going to be sad, but excited to see what new missionaries come into the area!


At 5:58 AM, Blogger southafrican said...

hee hee I can just picture a bunch or 20 something year old years screaming like little girls when they woke up and saw that spider by their bed. Rocco do you rember that HUGE spider Roxanne once found in Mommies room and we tried to get it out & how I screamed :) hee hee I love you boet! Take care & remember we love you and you are doing a great thing! I'm so proud of you!


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