Zimbabwe Harare Mission

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hi Everyone! Wow, the last two weeks have been amazing! Last saturday, the zone baptised 10 more people! There are 8 missionaries in the zone, and between all of us, everything is going really well! There's another baptism in about 2 weeks time, where we'll be baptising another 15 people or so! The people in Malawi are very willing to hear the message of the Restoration, and as soon as they set foot into the chapel, they absolutely love it!

This Sunday was fantastic! 14 of our investigators came to church and enjoyed it! We are teaching so many wonderful people at the moment, I'm so excited for them! The work is progressing faster and faster here in Malawi! It's great!

Heavenly Father blesses us everyday with someone new, someone who we can help to find the truth. These people are already God fearing, they all have bibles, and most people go to a church. But when you sit down with them and show them what they've been missing, they get so excited to listen!

For all the YM back home, thinking of whether or not to serve a mission...stop thinking about it, grab your papers, fill them in and send them off! You won't regret it! Have you ever met any return missionary who has? (= It will change your understanding of this life, it will change the things you do, it'l open up doors you never thought existed. Trust me...trust Heavenly Father

Monday, June 05, 2006

Last Saturday, was my first baptism! It went really well, the spirit was there, and the new converts' testimonies were really strong! After seeing this, it just makes you want to work harder!

I attended my first zone conference last week, and it was amazing! Pres. Jenkins taught us so much, it was wonderful. We started at about 9am, and it went till about 6 or 7pm! But now Pres. Jenkins is about to be released from being our mission president...and we'll miss him.

This morning, Elder Ling and Elder Detweiler left us. They have both served their 2 years, and are on their way home to be back with their families. Im really excited for them! They both taught me great things, and help me grow. They were great missionaries, and brough a wonderful and unreplacable spirit to this Zone. We'll miss them.

(Myself, Elder Detweiler my comp, Elder Weeks, Elder Ling)

Despite so many people leaving, on Wednesday, some new missionaries will arive! Im excited to meet my new companion, although no-one could ever replace my trainer.